Tejocotea is all natural


Our all natural blends contain ingredients that promote healthy digestion, helps reduce water weight, and helps reduce inflammation to help fight bloating


Our all natural Tejocotea blends contain metabolism boosters and helps detox your body of toxins naturally


Tejocotea’s multiple ingredients are high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that help fight oxidative damage and help protect from various toxins


Bloating Gone

3 weeks on skinny root today. I can't believe how much better my gut feels..didn't realize how bloated I was

Christina Mac NeilCustomer
Losing Pounds

I'm down 21 pounds!

Jessica SmithCustomer
Keep Going

Just received my 4th order! Down 22 pounds! Keep going ladies!

Yessenia RomanCustomer
Need new clothes

It's one thing to have people tell you that you are losing weight and another to see your clothes fit big!

Ang ElaCustomer
My life journey

In just 2 months I went from 240 to 204 and still losing weight. My confidence is where its never been before!

Ashley PadillaCustomer
Super excited!

I was 260 and now at 222. This tea is amazing! I have not craved sweets or soda.

Lupita PradoCustomer

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